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14 Patriotic, Star-Spangled Ways to Use Mason Jars



Late last year, a friend gave me a box of Mason jars. I remember looking at them & wondering what in the world I was going to use them for. I knew there were many crafts that use Mason jars but I was stumped right then. I did find ways to use them to make Christmas snow globes. Now I wish I had saved a few! These ideas are fabulous! The one in the photo above is great & worth a trip to my neighborhood hardware store to pick up a few. And there are 13 MORE crafts you can make! OH BOY! Thank you Country Living for sharing these great ideas! Enjoy!

Patriotic Mason Jars

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I am a complicated woman helping other women simplify their lives. I’ve been in this hole before & I know the way out! Recovering Guilty Mommy! Offering advice, ideas, tips, inspiration & more to help women reawaken the joy in their lives!

Hi! I’m Jeanann Duckworth. I’m a complicated woman who has dedicated her life to helping other women simplify their lives. Actually, I’m not very complicated. I have simply experienced a variety of things during my life, worked in an assortment of fields. I have a Bachelor of Science in Communications & Psychology & a Master of Divinity in General Ministry.

Rather than pastoring a church, I was called to help women improve the quality of their lives by teaching them ways to reduce their stress through simplification. Recently, I have begun adapting my message to help moms relieve the terrible guilt so many of us experience as we raise our families.

I love ministering to women, speaking to large groups & having a lot of fun. I enjoy teaching practical ways to apply Scripture to our lives as much as I enjoy teach ways to make life easier & more enjoyable.

This site offers me the opportunity to share a variety of information with you. It may not seem like the topics are related, however, each of them reflects my expertise. For example, I often discuss leadership development. These tips & articles are designed to help women strengthen their leadership skills for use in the workplace or organization.

I am also a strong STRONG believer in small groups for women. Women need a strong network as her foundation in order to have a strong self identity. Too many of us have neglected our network, leaving us feeling vulnerable.

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