Sisters of Simple Joy

Sisters of Simple Joy Director Training Part 2: Inspiration

As a chapter director, you need to inspire the members of your group to determine God’s call on their lives & then work to fulfill that call. In order for you to be able to inspire others, you must remain inspired yourself. This lesson discusses ways for you to maintain & increase your inspiration.
Sisters of Simple Joy

Sisters of Simple Joy Director Training Part 1: Service


There is 1 primary reason for your SSJ chapter: SERVICE. You are there to serve one another, the women in your group. In addition, you are there to serve other women outside your group.

Many women in our communities need help. Sometimes it’s simply encouragement & advice. At other times, they need more. They need the tools necessary for them to fulfill the call, the purpose God has placed on their lives. Often, life’s circumstances weigh us down so much, we are only able to focus on getting through today, to taking care of today’s needs for our families for us to do anything to prepare for tomorrow. I believe a national network of women, working together in small groups, can do tremendous things to help other women improve the quality of their own lives & the lives of their families.

In this lesson, you learn about the beginning of service within your group; service to God, to your Sisters & to your families. Once service becomes a natural part of your life, you will develop a service mindset that extends beyond those 3 areas. Let’s begin.

Sisters of Simple Joy

Sisters of Simple Joy Director Training Introduction



I believe strongly in training. I know it might seem tedious to some but I feel people often fail because they have not been properly trained. Rather than suggest women start their own Sisters of Simple Joy chapters & then leave them on their own to oversee the group, I have created training for the directors. These guidelines help you begin & grow your group as you & each member encourage & empower all the members.
I am adding a link to the worksheets to each lesson. I would suggest you create a notebook for your group so you can keep everything, including your training, within the book.
Each lesson also has a YouTube video that goes with it. These are audio recordings that allow me to instruct you on each lesson. Very soon, I plan to host a live training session for directors. I want you to succeed so we are able to grow a strong nationwide network of women.
If you have any questions, please contact me. Enjoy!